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The purpose of writing a review should not be about praising people I already like anymore than to settle a grudge (like an author might have seemed to dismiss me at a signing, for example). The main reason I do this is hopefully to get people to reading, watching or listening to work that might be overlooked. I also like to balance the scale for things that are clearly being targeted. We all have… Mehr dazu

Reading(from comic books and novels to journal articles), writing, drawing and teaching others how to draw, films of all kinds, music (too many types and sub genres to list), social science, science and nature issues and studies (like paleontology, a… Mehr dazu


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Hellboy Volume 3: The Chained Coffin and Others (H&hellip von Dark Horse Comics
5.0 von 5 Sternen A word of praise and envy, 5. Januar 2000
I've heard and read reviews of this book that seemed to come from the outside. The "outside" being people who are trying too hard to legitimize something that makes no excuses for itself. Hellboy is and always has been a quirky, dark, gothic adventure that is visually stunning as well as primal and disturbing. This collection is an intriguing effort. It has no complete story to tell. Rating each story is futile since the themes vary as well as the design and purpose for each story. Some are an excuse to show Hellboy in an outlandish conflict while others have moments that touch me to the core so profound is the effect of specific sequences. There lies the surprise. No solid… Mehr dazu