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The Man Who Watched The World End (English Edition&hellip von Chris Dietzel
The background of this book sounded interesting enough: mankind is dying out, because all newborns are basically paralyzed and can't reproduce anymore. This diary is written at a stage where pretty much all of the world population is already gone and provisions have been made for the remaining, aging citizens. However promising, the idea is sadly only explored superficially.

Overall, this is easily the most boring book I've ever read. In fact, it was so boring, that after having read 25%, I started skipping pages and I don't remember when I did that last. It was easy enough to predict what would happen next (nothing) and what the old man would write about next (the same stuff… Mehr dazu
The Death of Grass (Penguin Modern Classics) von John Christopher
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4.0 von 5 Sternen English Gentleman Apocalypse, 29. Januar 2014
Schwer zu glauben, dass ein apokalyptisches Buch so zeitlos sein kann und nicht wirklich viele Referenzen enthaelt, die es einem erlauben wuerden, die Handlung exakt zeitlich zu platzieren. Der Handlung fehlt der mittlerweile obligatorische Schock- und Ekel-Horror, weshalb man sie auch als English Gentlemen Apocalypse beschreiben koennte. Kurzweilig und interessant. Ein Muss fuer Apokalypse-Fans.
Learning IPython for Interactive Computing and Dat&hellip von Cyrille Rossant
This book tries to introduce you to a wide range of topics from ipython, numpy, scipy, matplotlib over pandas to cython etc. It's not just on ipython as the title might suggest and it's mainly targeted at the beginner who was solid Python knowledge though. It is only able to scratch the surface of the discussed packages and I would have preferred an in depth look at just some of these. A good chunk of the book is on ipython and I learned a few good tricks from that section. However overall, if you've ever played around with any of the other libraries for longer than 15 minutes, you probably already know everything that you will learn from this book.