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Signs - Zeichen <b>DVD</b> ~ Mel Gibson
Signs - Zeichen DVD ~ Mel Gibson
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I love a movie that makes me remember it. And I found myself thinking back to "Signs" a number of times. The film had a significant impact on me. There are some great scenes to replay: Mel Gibson getting his son breathing during an asthma attack, the group-hug at the dinner table, and the pep-talks Mel gives his kids at the "darkest hour". I found myself interested not only by the basic "aliens" plot but also by the effect the plot had on the family, and also by the message of the film, concerning synchronicity and spirituality.
Talking of the aliens plot, I was lucky enough to go along to this movie not being aware that it was about an all-out alien invasion. Hence I was increasingly… Mehr dazu
Spider-Man (2 DVDs) <b>DVD</b> ~ Tobey Maguire
Spider-Man (2 DVDs) DVD ~ Tobey Maguire
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I remember as a kid watching the Superman movie series. I still watch the first few now with nostalgia and enjoyment. I also remember later in life watching some of the other superhero spin-off movies (e.g. Batman) and being very disappointed. Spiderman is really the first superhero spin-off movie since Superman which has reach the "kid" in me (I'm 32 by the way!)
I felt involved all the way through, with the suspension of disbelief building until I was hardly analysing the movie at all - just enjoying it. Some of the computer graphics were a bit dodgy, and will probably look dated in a few years time (but then again the Superman flying scenes look dated now - and I still… Mehr dazu
Star Wars Ep.2-Attack Of Clones [UK Import] <b>DVD</b> ~ Ewan McGregor
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How can I be subjective about this darned movie? I'm 32 - I saw Star Wars when I was 7 years old. I was doom from then on to be drawn to every Star Wars movie since. It's an old story repeated 100's of thousands of times around the world for other people I'm sure. How can I not have the DVD in my collection? If you are a Star Wars fan you must see and own this movie. If you are a student of Cinema and the latest technology then you probably need to do the same thing. Otherwise...well you'll see below.
Okay, first things first. This movie is revolutionary. The special effects techniques that Lucas pioneered in "The Phantom Menace" have taken a great step forward here. They are more… Mehr dazu