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Motherless Brooklyn von Jonathan Lethem
Motherless Brooklyn von Jonathan Lethem
3.0 von 5 Sternen Mixed feelings..., 25. Mai 2000
The first 100 pages of this book were terrific. Great voice... great character development, of both the main character and the 3 other Minna men. But then, the first 100 pages were all flashback. Once we returned to the main thread of the story, I felt the narrative thrust slowed down, and even came to a halt. A strange series of events began unfolding, none of which really helped the reader understand the crime which had been committed. The crime was unraveled in the final 30 pages in which Lionel finds out what happened through Julia's explanation, not really through his own sleuthing. This section, by the way, felt like a return to the beautiful prose from the beginning of… Mehr dazu
Headlong von Michael Frayn
Headlong von Michael Frayn
Frayn's book is far more than just a typical British-countryside farce novel. By combining historical facts of artist Pieter Bruegel's life, as well as 16th century Netherlandish history, into a novel of 20th century deceit, Frayn has created a classic for all times. An enjoyable -- and heady -- read for anyone lucky enough to pick this one up.
The Professor and the Madman: A Tale of Murder, In&hellip von Simon Winchester
4.0 von 5 Sternen Terrific read, 18. November 1999
I thoroughly enjoyed this book. A very well-told tale by Winchester. I was particularly struck by the humanity demonstrated on the part of Dr. Murray toward Minor. Would this same treatment take place today if a person in charge of a project such as the OED project were to find out that one of his "vendors" resided in a mental institution? I kept expecting to learn that Murray, upon discovering where Minor resided, would doubt the validity of Minor's research and go through a "crisis" of sorts. Rather, he responded with great concern and empathy. I also appreciated that Winchester did not feel 600 pages were required to tell this tale. Sometimes, great… Mehr dazu