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Autumn in the Highlands (English Edition) von Spring Horton
I have read a number of books by Spring Horton by now and this one was by far my favourite. To me a book that can stir some sort of emotion in me is worth my time. For me to really love a book, however, I want it to make me both laugh and cry. And this book did.

I really liked how I slowly got to know the characters and even though it wasn't exactly a surprising turn of events, I thoroughly enjoyed witnessing the two guys fall in love with each other. I thought it was just a really sweet love story. As always in Spring Horton's books there was a brilliant cast of quirky minor characters. I also thought that the Scottish highlands were brought to life quite convincingly and… Mehr dazu
Hawai'ian Valentine (Holidays & Hitmen Book 1) (En&hellip von Spring Horton
4.0 von 5 Sternen hard to put down, 6. April 2014
Once again Spring Horton managed to pull off a book that is special by being pretty ordinary. This book is first and foremost a story about a couple of spies. And it is a pretty exciting and fast paced one. I read the book in one sitting because I found it impossible to put down. The fact that all main characters happen to be gay men remains a detail, it is not the most important thing about the book. In this world where being straight is taken for granted a book like this that just takes not being straight for granted is a rare thing. I'm always excited to come across books like this. I am looking forward to the sequels and I hope that maybe in those I will learn more about these unusual… Mehr dazu
Sky Pirate: Safe Harbor (English Edition) von Finnegan H. H. O'Riordan
Sky Pirate: Safe Harbor (English Edition) von Finnegan H. H. O'Riordan
4.0 von 5 Sternen Sky Pirate, 13. März 2014
First I guess I should say that pirate stories aren't really my cup of tea at all. I have trouble relating to the concept of attacking your enemies' ship and killing them because they have been mean to you in the past. However, this is a pirate story and when I decided to read it I knew this so it would be silly of me to now rate this book based on my general opinion of pirate stories. So I won't.

What makes sky pirate a special story is the fact that it manages to be both a typical pirate story and not your typical pirate story at the same time. And that is exactly why I think it is a good book.

The author took the rather macho concept of a pirate novel and added to… Mehr dazu