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my reading interests are: history(particularly European), fiction(favorites include Shield, Percy, Tom Robbins, Barth, Lessing, and alas, Vonnegut),photography, philosophy, and design (in this order).my non-reading interests are: music (especially classical---especially Romantic period inclusive of Mahler), travel, wine, and movies. born in the Orient in 1957, and have lived in NYC, Boston, Philad… Mehr dazu


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Consilience: The Unity of Knowledge von Edward O. Wilson
I read the book without much grounding in the various branches of science that the author surveys sweepingly. I suspect that I would have enjoyed it less if I did have more grounding, because I might have assumed a more argumentative mind set, quibbling if the specifics are "truly" as the author asserted, instead of being impressed by the optimistic way that the author put forth his philosophy. The philosophy contained numerous tenets, the most accessable one being the convergence of the banches of science. I was especially uplifted by the hopefulness that this convergence would lead to a clearer view about the meaning of these pursuits. In the end, I thought that my… Mehr dazu
Naked Pictures of My Ex-Girlfriends: Romance in th&hellip von Mark Helfrich
Here is a perfectly wonderful concept for a book with elements which ought to bring about great pleasure in consumtion and great admiration for the conceiver; but something went terribly wrong in the execution so that one is left with an awful aftertaste. The concept of the book is deceptively simple: the title tells you what it is. The ingredients are fabulous too: the subjects are young women from the '70-s in the buff looking happy or at least engaging; the photography is generally sound but not necessarily accomplished; and the narrative about the "girlfriends" is intended to be carefree and evocative of an age gone by. If this concept had been executed well, reading… Mehr dazu
Spin von Tom Lowe
Spin von Tom Lowe
3.0 von 5 Sternen a perfect beach novel, 14. Mai 2000
There is certainly a way to read this book for its point of view of politics, or for its reference to a peculiar episode in the recent history in Californian politics. I happened to have read it on vacation in California last summer, mostly by the pool. I enjoyed it tremendously as that---breezy, light, transient and fun. If only politics, even Californian politics, were all that.