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The Ruins von Scott Smith
The Ruins von Scott Smith
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Of course "The Ruins" shows up during the hottest summer in many a years, with the humidity rising and the smell of vegetation heavy in the air. That makes it easier for you to slip into Scott Smith's second novel, mindlessly drinking ice water as you go along to keep some distance between yourself and these ill-fated characters. I am sure the publishing of "The Ruins" in late July is not happenstance, and that I would expect the paperback version (or the movie adaptation) in that same season as well. This is a book to be read outside in the sun. Having it on the nightstand to read a while before going to sleep, would not be appropriate in this case.

Four Americans are… Mehr dazu
Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac von Fleetwood Mac
Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac von Fleetwood Mac
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The greatest irony of Fleetwood Mac was that when the group started playing the late 1960s it ended up taking its name from the only two members who would be with the bad through all of its various incarnations. But all you have to do is look at the title of their first album to know who was providing the musical direction for the group in the early days. What had happened was that John McVie was playing bass for John Mayall's legendary British blues group, the Bluesbreakers. After Peter Green replaced Eric Clapton on lead guitar and Mick Fleetwood joined as drummer, the trio decided to split from Mayall in 1967 and form a power trio in the mold of Cream and the Jimi Hendrix Experience… Mehr dazu
House of M von Brian Michael Bendis
House of M von Brian Michael Bendis
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Brian Michael Bendis' "House of M" is obvious an important event in the Marvel Universe, since virtually every comic book title has to deal with its consequences in some way or another. The eight-part crossover event is collected in this trade paperback volume is really just the beginning, so that the end is not so much the conclusion as it is setting the stage for what is to follow. So be forewarned, that if think picking up this book is going to get you totally up to speed on what is happening in all of the "House of M" titles, that is not going to happen. What is here, is prologue.

"House of M" follows up on a previous set of story arcs, most prominently "Avengers… Mehr dazu