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The end of every story is the start of the next one.



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A Vine in the Blood: A Chief Inspector Mario Silva&hellip von Leighton Gage
5.0 von 5 Sternen Much Thicker Than Water, 2. Januar 2012
I bumped into Leighton Gage by accident and stayed with him from choice. And here I am now, with his latest under my belt and looking for more.

There's every reason for the kidnap of a Brazilian footballing star's mother. The World Cup is at stake, not all members of the footballer's family and retinue have his best interests at heart, and the lady herself has a remarkable talent for alienating people. As a result, there's a long string of answers to a simple, single question: Who's got Tico's mother?

The real answer is revealed in a very well timed, exciting finale after a wonderfully insightful tour of some fascinating aspects of Brazilian society.

Do read… Mehr dazu
The Assassins' Village von Faith Mortimer
The Assassins' Village von Faith Mortimer
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5.0 von 5 Sternen Rites of Passage, 3. Dezember 2011
What I confidently expected from Faith Mortimer's novel, The Crossing, was a competently, engagingly and intelligently written tale of trials and tribulations of crossing the Atlantic in a sailing boat. What I got was a competently, engagingly and intelligently written tale of trials and tribulations of coming of age - at any age.

This beautifully and sometimes touchingly told story of father and son takes them through some cataclysmic experiences on the way to coming to terms with themselves.
Take No More (The murder mystery thriller): (US Ed&hellip von Seb Kirby
5.0 von 5 Sternen Judge the book by its cover, 8. Oktober 2011
Judge the Book By Its Cover

In this instance, at any rate, you should.

I was attracted by the fragile serenity of the image on the front cover. It just screamed havoc and mayhem to me.

And I wasn't mistaken.

The setting of the most of the action added to the attraction. After Dubrovnik, Florence is my favourite city in the world. And the background of arts and renaissance paintings is what makes this thriller rather unique.

Seb Kirby is handling the storyline deftly and with gusto. The plot is impregnated with an dark wicked passions and lethal intrigue worthy of the Borgias and the Medicis, and it's populated with strong, well drawn… Mehr dazu