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With or Without Him von Barbara Elsborg
With or Without Him von Barbara Elsborg
Upon reading the blurb of this book, the movie Pretty Woman was of course the first thing that came into my mind. I went into this expecting something light, perhaps funny like the film had been. Icouldnt have been more wrong, and having read other books by this author, I really shouldve known better.

Tyler is a music student whod love nothing better than being able to live only for his music. But Tylers family history left him with a deep-seated fear of debts, and the amount of his student loans horrifies him. He decides to take a shortcut to deleverage by selling his body. However, as much as Tyler tries to tell himself its only a job, the whole prostitution business… Mehr dazu
Of Dreams and Ceremonies (Butterfly Hunter) von Julie Bozza
This is the sequel to Butterfly Hunter and the second book in the Butterfly Hunter Trilogy. For those who enjoyed Butterfly Hunter, this one here is a must-readwho wouldnt want to know what happened after Daves and Nicholass helter-skelter engagement to marry?

Well, what happens is a marriage, of course. The world might call it a civil union ceremony, but to Nicholas, its a wedding celebration, and hes determined to make it a memorable one, complete with flowers and guests and formal dinner at the manor and matching morning suits for groom and groom.

Which, in turn, frightens Dave a little. For one, why on earth would he wear a mourning suit for his wedding… Mehr dazu
Oceans Apart (Separate Ways) von Laura Harner
Oceans Apart (Separate Ways) von Laura Harner
In the first book, disgraced English lord Jamie Mainwaring and American cop Remy Remington met and fell in love over a child prostitution case, but in the end, Remy left Jamie since he didnt feel ready for a relationship. Now its two years later and both men have moved on, professionally as well as privately. Jamie, now with an Interpol special ops group, is in a committed relationship with one of his colleagues, Ryan. Remy has his own private security firm together with his (straight) best friend Miggy; in addition, they took in one of the former rentboys from book one, Toby, who thinks of them as his fathers.
Things are as good as can be for both Jamie and Remy respectively… Mehr dazu