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I am a student at Hamilton College and a subscriber to Ayn Rand's philosophy of Objectivism. My book interests include classic literature and the English language; Sophie's Choice by William Styron is my favorite book.


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Portrait of America: From Before Columbus to the E&hellip von Stephen B. Oates
This popular two-volume collection of secondary sources explores America's social and political history from pre-Revolutionary times through the present. Oates takes a biographical approach, portraying our history as the struggle of real people who have sometimes triumphed and sometimes failed. Each chapter contains two or three articles that provide different perspectives on an historical period or question. Each selection was carefully chosen for its literary merit, importance to historical scholarship, and potential to excite students' interest. Many of the selections and authors represented have won Pulitzer Prizes, National Book Awards, and other honors.
The Elements of Style von E. B. White
The Elements of Style von E. B. White
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In 1918, as mandatory reading for the fall semester of his English 8 course at Cornell University, Professor William Strunk Jr. copyrighted and privately published in Ithaca, N.Y., a textbook called The Elements of Style. In 1919 Strunk had The Elements reprinted for the spring and fall semesters of that year's course - in which E.B. White was a pupil.
Then in 1957 - allowing for the professor's death on 26 Sept. 1946 - one H.A. Stevenson, editor of the Cornell Alumni News and a long-time friend of the recipient, filched from the Cornell Library one of its two remaining copies of The Elements and mailed it to a well-known friend of Strunk's, Elwyn Brooks White, who had graduated… Mehr dazu
Connections: New Ways of Working in the Networked &hellip von Lee Sproull
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This book is based on extensive studies of the effects of computer-based communication technology - e-mail, distribution lists, bulletin boards, and computer conferences - through field research as well as social and psychological experiments. Sproull and Kiesler, both I believe trained as experimental social psychologists, believe that computer-based communication is radically changing the ways people interact with one another, much like nineteenth century communications technologies as the telephone, typewriter, and railroad transformed social and business lifestyles. With new computer-based communications, the authors argue, organizations are becoming more flexible and fluid,… Mehr dazu