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Reading is the ultimate adventure, and it costs next to nothing. Via books I've flown through a sea of flak over Germany with Len Deighton. I've sailed round the world and fought in many sea battles with Patrick O'Brian's Aubrey & Maturin, blood running thick from the scuppers. And with the same tourguide sailed with Commodore Anson and captured a treasure-laden Spanish galleon. I fled from and fo… Mehr dazu


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Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance von Robert Pirsig
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A review of this book by me, or even a thoughtful critique,could add nothing to what has been so well-said in the numerouseloquent essays among the 200 below. Among the decisively best dozen, reviewer Barron T. Laycock, only a few reviews below, describes "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance" about as well as it need be done. Another finely-drawn perspective is provided immediately below by reviewer Cicha1994, who gets to the bottom of Pirsig's magic of delivering an incredibly complex synthesis with timely spoonfuls of sugar thusly:
"Mr. Pirsig has an uncanny sense of timing, and he never allows the heavier passages to labor on too long. This is avoided by… Mehr dazu
How to Grow a Novel: The Most Common Mistakes Writ&hellip von Sol Stein
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Coming right on the heels of Stein's "Stein on Writing", I was apprehensive that "How to Grow a Novel" might be a rehash of it. With the former seeming to be such a full treatment of both fiction and nonfiction, what more could Stein have to say?
A lot. I will offer one example. Chapter two of "How to Grow a Novel" focuses on conflict. He reminds us that conflict need not be a knock-down-drag-out fight. He writes, "Many people ... bristle at the term 'conflict' because of memories and overtones, and so I propose another term for their consideration, 'adversarial... The conflict is often verbal, not high drama, sometimes even mundane."… Mehr dazu
Cadillac Desert: The American West and Its Disappe&hellip von Marc Reisner
This outstanding history of a century of water projects is a lot to get your arms around -- 50,000 major dams provide a vulgar extravagance of water for desert metros like Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Denver, El Paso, Tucson ... Trillions of dollars spent. A perpetual stream of the boldest lying imaginable (for the times), graft, theft, piracy, and political corruption was behind many of the projects.
Regarding the water projects built over the last 150 years, Reisner wonders, "What has it all amounted to? ... Not all that much ... Modern Utah, where large-scale irrigation has been going on longer than anywhere else, has 3 percent of its land area under cultivation… Mehr dazu