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Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Die Entführung aus dem &hellip <b>DVD</b> ~ Catherine Naglestad
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When I first looked at this edition, I thought "What the hell is this?!" Now, it is my favorite Entfuhrung of five. Yes, it is new, and odd, and different, with every singer having a double - with a lot of irony and double-play - with the evocation of many different symbolic levels. I understand why some of the reviewers hate it. It takes getting used to. (Although I think it rather unfair that one reviewer sends in his or her negative review three times!)

But, consider! Here we have the very best Osmin, an extremely effective Pedrillio, the very best Blondchen, and one of the best Belmontes ever. It is worth buying the DVD just to watch Brachts do Osmin. Amazing.

The… Mehr dazu
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Le nozze di Figaro / Ni&hellip <b>DVD</b> ~ Rodney Gilfry
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The women are really excellent in this edition of the Marriage.
Eva Mei brings a heart-rending personal tone to her Countess-arias; Te Kanawa might have a more magnificant voice, but Mei brings tears to the eyes. She looks, also, like a Spanish Countess: one can understand people thinking that the Count should be interested in her, not Susanna. Also, her voice blends beautifully with Rey's - the "pine groves" duet is a true pleasure.

Von Magnus is an incredibly elegant and cool Marcellina. A very refreshing new interpretation of the role: and, again, what a voice!

The only modern Cherobino that can rival Nikiteanu is von Stade, especially when it comes to looks… Mehr dazu
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Le nozze di Figaro (Wie&hellip <b>DVD</b> ~ Mirella Freni
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I may have various opinions about how well Prey,Fischer, Te Kanawa etc. do their parts - but these are, I believe, a matter of taste. What I do want to warn people about is the filming. It makes it very difficult to enjoy the opera.

(a) The singers often "think" their songs - that is, one hears the voices, but sees only a grimacing, silent face (Cherobino's first song, for instance!!).

(b) The camera is always on the move, rapidly circling the singers, for instance, so that one gets dizzy, or going out the door, or doing a bird's eye view - one cannot concentrate on the acting, much less the singing.

(c) Or, the camera ignores the singers altogether, and we… Mehr dazu