Zane Ivy

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Ort: Seoul
Geburtstag: 31. Mai
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A Tsalagi, from Texas, now living in Seoul, Korea. Artist, musician, actor, writer, teacher. I currently teach at a university in Seoul.

American Indian politics, thought, history, alternative history, spirituality (Christian, Buddhist, Hinduism, Magical, Neoplatonic, Hermetic, Alchemic, Channeled, Depth and Transpersonal, etc.), UFOs/Aliens/Hyperdimensionals, contemporary art includi… Mehr dazu


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The Best American Poetry 1999 von David Lehman
3.0 von 5 Sternen "safe", 28. Juli 2000
I always enjoy reading volumes in this series. I even enjoyed reading Bloom's anthology, though I am fiery trajectory away from his strange reactionary stancecademic approach...
THIS volume, is subtle, a pleasant read...but alas, "safe." With some notable exceptions which I will not explicitly note here...the poems are warm milk before bed time, with a slightly pleasing taste of the fragrance of grass of this particular field, that particular pasture.
Safe is nice...and of course has a certain beauty.... With an anthology like those in this series however, I'd like a few showers of fish and frogs on my Spring morning walk...a few beautifully sharp briars… Mehr dazu
Voices of Ancestors: Cherokee Teachings from the W&hellip von Dhyani Ywahoo
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4.0 von 5 Sternen roots and runners..., 22. Juni 2000
Pleidians! Actually not as "wierd" as this may seem to some, there ARE traditional teachings within the Tsalagi world view suggesting this stellar point of origin.
I see the book has been criticized because it is not a "traditional Cherokee point of view" and it doesn't represent any currently recognized Cherokee "tribe." I have also heard of Dhyani Ywahoo described being described by one of the former "Chiefs" of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma as "a thorn in the side of the Nation."
Well, can we really expect that all medicine people in the various Native American traditional streams to be museum pieces who never learn… Mehr dazu
Medicine of the Cherokee: The Way of Right Relatio&hellip von J. T. Garrett
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A lot of "medicine people" take it in the shorts for incorporating "new ideas" into their teachings, or for teaching to non-Indians at all. The Garretts do a great job of following their own teachings of balance in walking that crooked line between various camps, in presenting traditional medicine teachings in a way that is both informative and also respectful in their refusal to discuss certain things.
They provide enough information to get people going on their own, if they read slowly and thoughtfully, practicing and experimenting with the knowledge presented. It is definitely not a book that you will just read once and put down; if you are at all… Mehr dazu