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I enjoy sci-fi movies and books the most, but I'm open to see and read all sorts of different styles. I hope my reviews will help you decide which items you may want to try.


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Lord of the Flies (Perigee) von E. L. Epstein
Lord of the Flies (Perigee) von E. L. Epstein
I, unlike many students, was not required to read Lord of the Flies in high school. If I did, I probably would rate this book at a lower score. Anyway, I always had known the basic plot, so I while back I picked it from the library. I now know why many teachers make this book required reading. Golding puts his view of human civilization with Freudian philosophy in what first appears to be simple story of English boys on an uninhabited island. In the beginning, that is how the novel seems, and it has a cheerful mood. But Golding's main point is that civilization is fragile, and without government people are asking for chaos. He brings Freudian concepts into play, like id, ego, and… Mehr dazu
The Neverending Story von Michael Ende
The Neverending Story von Michael Ende
4.0 von 5 Sternen Adventures in the attic, 15. Februar 2000
The Neverending Story is a book that anyone can enjoy, regardless of age and gender. It was better than I expected it to be and it's packed full of important themes. How Michael Ende came up with a great story like this truly boggles the mind. I've seen the movie and liked it, but the book explained what the real meaning of its' title. The only gripe that I had with it were some of the character descriptions, some of them seemed rather corny, either the product of Ende's intent or Manheim's translations. Other than that, I consider this novel a first rate fantasy. Anyone, I think, who reads it, will definetly think about Ende's thoughts that he expressed in his book. It is clear that… Mehr dazu
The Castle of Llyr (Pyrdain Chronicles) von Lloyd Alexander
The Castle of Llyr mostly has events occuring on the island of Mona, not Prydain. This book has a different feel than the previous two. It deals with Eilonwy leaving Prydain to "act like a lady". Knowing her from the other books, she'd rather be doing what the guys are doing. Also Taran becomes aware of his feelings for her. Although they're usually arguing, I could see this sort of thing coming from a long way off. The main surprise is how someone(I'm not saying who)wants revenge and wants to exploit the unknown magical powers of Eilonwy to rule Prydain. The book, while simple like the others, gives great detail of how Mona is supposed to look like, and the actions of the… Mehr dazu