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The Cathedral & The Bazaar: Musings on Linux and O&hellip von Eric Raymond
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Having struggled for many years to force developers to use software development processes that were intrinsically limiting and disheartening because they did not allow people to do what they new to be right. I was tremendously relieved to see how software can come together using this style of development. Not only does it work it also makes people feel proud of their work and committed to producing high quality deliverables.
The sooner software development professionals accept that their vocation is a craft and will never be an engineering discipline the better for all of us. When we start to treat developers with the respect deserved by craftsmen and give them the autonomy… Mehr dazu
Open Boundaries: Creating Business Innovation Thro&hellip von Howard J. Sherman
2.0 von 5 Sternen Ok but not the best, 4. Januar 2000
Read The Complexity Advantage by Susanne Kelly and Mary Ann Allison it's a better book. Or better still check out the reviews before you buy.
Writing Systems of the World: Alphabets, Syllabari&hellip von Akira Nakanishi
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4.0 von 5 Sternen Truly Surprising, 4. Januar 2000
The map inside the front cover is worth the price on itâ¤s own. I have not seen a similar map anywhere else and believe me, Iâ¤ve looked. The description of the worlds writing systems is useful and the metric for inclusion (they have to be used on newspapers stamps or currency) is a clever way of identifying significant writing systems in common use. Some information on encoding of writing systems for computer use would have increased the value of the book for me but would probably turn off a great number on non-technical potential readers.
An update of this book is overdue. Much of the information is from the 1970â¤s and a lot has changed since then. Many of the former… Mehr dazu