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Advanced C++ Programming Styles and Idioms (Societ&hellip von James O. Coplien
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5.0 von 5 Sternen Mind Blowing....., 16. Februar 2000
This book will take the reader where they thought C++ could never go. Though some idioms are dated (the book was written before RTTI and STL were added to the standard) it is nonetheless a thought provoking and invaluable book. Many of the ideas presented actually(! ) make the reader think and wrestle with before they are fully grasped. A must for any intermediate/advanced C++ programmer. When finished you will definitely have a stronger appreciation of the power of C++. I'm not sure if Microsofts COM came before this book but if it didn't then they sure swiped alot of ideas from it!
Refactoring: Improving the Design of Existing Code&hellip von Martin Fowler
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As a C++ programmer I found many of the examples strongly geared to the specifics of the Java language (with which I have little familiarity). I was hoping for a more substantive generic OOP book. Many of the examples are OOP common sense and the book comes off as more of a beginners book for Java programming than one aimed at the audience of "Design Patterns" (an excellent book).
A Programmer's Guide to Sound [With Contains the F&hellip von Tim Kientzle
...beware of bugs in the code. This is a good book for an intro to digital sound and sound file formats but the code (at least the stuff involving the windows multimedia API) is rather buggy. Hopefully the 2nd edition will be better.