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Ort: Westchester, NY USA
Geburtstag: 21. Juli
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Music and books are important parts of my life. Reading a book can teach a person about the world we live in and develop personal tastes. The same holds true with music.

My musical tastes are fairly eclectic. Whereas I enjoy many classic recordings such as the Abbey Road and Beggars Banquet, very often I appreciate many overlooked performers. Little Feat, fits that description fairly accur… Mehr dazu


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Success Is a Choice: Ten Steps to Overachieving in&hellip von Rick Pitino
This book is a very fast read and Pitino hammers home some key points such as setting realistic short term goals. Also he emphasizes the importance of maintaining focused and keeping a positive attitude. He gives some examples from his coaching experiences. Some stories stand out more than others.
However, many parts of this book seem to repeat itself. Pitino does not distinguish each chapter enough. Somehow Pat Riley's The Winner Within offers better examples that are more special. None the less there is more good than bad and and any sports fan will appreciate Pitino's basic candor.