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I am currently employed at Walmart. I express my appreciation for everyone who has visited my profile and continues to do so, along with those who give me helpful votes on my posts. It is my wish that what I have shared on amazon brings others joy and/or heals in some way. I am a creative woman who strives to bring joy to myself and others who surround me. I am very resourceful and see the blessin… Mehr dazu

I am an open-minded person who enjoys a diverse range of music, movies, and other items of interest. However, I often gravitate towards what feels most joyful or increases my knowledge because there is so much to learn in this game called life. I hum… Mehr dazu

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Fantasy inkl. HitMix von DJ Bobo
Fantasy inkl. HitMix von DJ Bobo
I purchased Fantasy by DJ Bobo through DJ Bobos website around February 2010 (while living in Orlando Florida). Fantasy by DJ Bobo includes a cd jacket for thirteen songs featured on the cd. The music cd jacket also includes a written memorial to another singer named Anthony (Tone) Moriah who was a dear friend to him. There is also a remix of some of DJ Bobos popular hits.
Dream Dance Vol.54 von Various
Dream Dance Vol.54 von Various
I purchased Dream Dance Vol. 54 on February 28, 2010 through Amazon Germany. Dream Dance Vol. 54 is a two cd set of twenty two songs on each cd. The following music artists are among those included on this compilation: Dream Dance Alliance, Scooter, TopModelz, Fragma, Novaspace, Lazard, Jan Wayne, Miss Destiny, Tiesto, Armin Van Buuren feat. Van Velzen, Cosmic Gate Feat. Aruna, Chicane, Kyau & Albert, 4 Strings, The Mystery, and more.
Education of a Guardian Angel: Training a Spirit G&hellip von Annie Stillwater Gray
I confess that I purchased Education Of A Guardian Angel by Annie Stillwater Gray on exactly Friday July 4, 2014 and received it by Wednesday July 9, 2014. So far, I have reached paged 437 (as the writers spirit guide gets ready to take his finals on the spirit guide plane within a spirit guide university)of this very original 597 page book. However, I intend to finish it this week and post an updated review within six months (intuitively, I feel guided to do this because it would give me time to post an update after reading it at least 2-3 more times). I discovered this book via a personalized book recommendation on Amazon U.S. (probably due to my previous interest in books about the… Mehr dazu