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The Continuum Concept: In Search of Happiness Lost&hellip von John Holt
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5.0 von 5 Sternen Hold your baby!, 26. April 1999
My husband and I read this book 9 years ago, before the birth of our son, and it spoke to our hearts. Employing the simple idea that a baby who starts life in the womb shouldn't be abruptly separated from the mother after birth, we maintained almost constant contact with him for the first few months. I was amazed at some of the resistance, resentment, even hostility, people sometimes demonstrated when informed that we slept with our newborn and never left him to cry. All their protests were based on nothing but groundless fears -- "You'll roll over and smother him! You'll 'spoil' him!" Etc. Well, he became naturally more and more independent and separate at his own… Mehr dazu
Sacrament von Clive Barker
Sacrament von Clive Barker
Sacrament is more grounded in reality than most Clive Barker books, but it does have strong fantasy elements. If you like Barker's writing style, you will enjoy reading this book. The hero is a gay man who makes a journey to find himself, and the truth, and all that, but Barker pulls it off and entertains us with his usual inventive characters and supernatural doings. A moving, well-written book.