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I am NY City correction officer, born in 1964. I am married with two wonderful daughters. My reading interest cover mostly non fiction, curent events and religion. My favorite Authors would be Ayn Rand (Dispite her hard core atheism) and George Orwell.


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The Catholic Martyrs of the Twentieth Century: A C&hellip von Robert Royal
Are you willing to die for your faith? Most of us in the western industrialized world don't really think about this much, but throughout the world in the past century tens of millions of christians, both Catholic and Protestants, were faced with the choice of renouncing thier belife in Jesus as their personal savior or death, often by brutal and very painful means. In this book Robert Royal looks at primarialy those of the Catholic faith who chose to heroicaly to die rather then renounce thier belifes. In essentialy a chronologigal order Mr Royal introduces us to these very brave and faithful people starting with the 1920's Mexican civil war and the Turkish attempt at genocide (See… Mehr dazu
Not Even My Name: From a Death March in Turkey to &hellip von Thea Halo
The Jacket cover of this book discribes Thea Halo as a "writer and painter who has won awards for her poetry and essays". Indeed Thea writes with great poetic prose, my favortie example of this is this paragraph early in the book,
"A roster crowed and then another and another rooster answered thier call. A donkey brayed. Another cow mooed the distant hills, the myaid birds chirped and sang and sprang from twig to twig to praise the dawning until the whole valley and surrounding hills were alive with the music of donkeys and cows and birds and red-plumed roosters staking their claims. Like a hunting party thrashing the ridges to scare the sun from it's hiding,… Mehr dazu
Unintended Consequences von John Ross
Unintended Consequences von John Ross
Ayn Rand fans (of wich I am one) will love this book. Most people will say this book is about guns or the "gun culture", that is really only half true. In this book which mixes historical fact with fictional Characters, guns are the vechicle with which John Ross details the loss of our freedoms and constitional rights. This book while engaging and thought, provoking like any Ayn Rand novel, suffers from the some of the same weakness' as an any Ayn Rand novel. It is a massive tome at over 800 pages (large pages at that) Like many Ayn Rand novels it at times falls into overly formulaic dialog. such as when Henry Bowman, the main Chareter, is discussing polotics and current… Mehr dazu