Benjamin Scott

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Ort: NH, USA
Geburtstag: 3. März
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Live in NH, US. Work in Amesbury, MA. Work for ARC Technologies, Inc. Memeber, GNHLUG. IT Manager. Computer enthusiast. Geek.

Computers Linux GNHLUG Free/Open Source Software Wikipedia Science Fiction/Fantasy Freedom Music, especially rock music, double-especially classic rock.


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Battlefield Earth: A Saga of the Year 3000 von L. Ron Hubbard
I read this book a couple years ago, and I still remember how bad it was. *My God*. This book should be used as an example of what happens when the author is trying to fill pages rather then minds.
The plot is simple: The evil aliens are trying to kill us for no apparent reason, and it is up to the primitive Earth people to fight them off. The characters are so two-dimensional, you would think that if they turned sideways, they would disappear. He might as well have named the protagonist "Mr. Goodguy" -- oh wait, he did.
The aliens are senselessly evil for the sake of being evil; the humans are all pure and innocent. The hero is strong, loved by all, and can… Mehr dazu