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Change by Design: How Design Thinking Transforms O&hellip von Tim Brown
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4.0 von 5 Sternen Innovation and Change, 16. November 2009
'"Change by Design"' is the attempt of IDEO''s CEO Tim Brown to inspire people employing designers' analytical tools to master diverse challenges in life (i.e. to model, streamline, and experiment). This methodology, Brown terms 'design thinking', in other words, should be applied as solution concept not only to industrial design, but business in general as well as to political and societal issues. Brown maintains the approach of design thinking is superior to other problem solving strategies since it explicitly incorporates the human dimension '-- more precisely: starts from the human being ' and takes advantage of creativity in a channeled fashion. The latter ensures that the solution… Mehr dazu
The Secret Royal Martial Arts of Ryukyu von Kanenori S Matsuo
'"The Secret Royal Martial Arts of Ryukyu"' by Matuso Sakon is one of the few monographies available on Motobu Uduni, the secret karate and kobujutsu of the royal family of the Okinawan kingdom. Henceforth, the author puts a lot of effort in giving an all-encompassing overview of the history, lineage, and techniques ' unarmed and armed ' of this secret style.

Especially, the aspect of armed combat might come as a surprise since most students of karate have certainly learned that in historical Okinawa harshly enforced laws prohibited the use of weapons and led to the development of unarmed combat systems termed karate. Moreover, the author also illustrates in text and picture that… Mehr dazu
Okinawan Karate: Teachers, Styles and Secret Techn&hellip von Mark Bishop
5.0 von 5 Sternen An encyclopedia of karate .., 23. September 2009
If one has to characterize Bishop's 'Okinawan Karate', it is best described as encyclopedia of karate. This is because Bishop not only aims for a description of the different branches, but also--successfully--establishes a genealogy of karate, which takes the interrelations of styles, its particularities as well as its representatives into consideration. Moreover, Bishop's endeavor is not only based on hearsay and citation; its special value comes from the empirical research and interviews conducted by the author on Okinawa. Henceforth, Bishop's work can certainly claim special authenticity.

This, however, is not the only value of Bishop's book. It is also the latitude as well as… Mehr dazu