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Ich gebe meist 5 Sterne, weil ich schon vorher gründlich auswähle. Hoffentlich helfen meine Rezensionen anderen bei der Auswahl. Most of my reviews are 5 stars because I carefully preselect what I read. I hope my reviews can help you find out whether you'll like the item.

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Top-Rezensenten Rang: 2.383 - Hilfreiche Stimmen insgesamt: 478 von 556
Mindset: How You Can Fulfil Your Potential von Carol Dweck
A lot has been said in the other reviews. I find the idea of a fixed v a growth mindset very helpful in my own reflections on teaching. I have shared the ideas with my students and they seem to find them inspiring and encouraging.
Great use of examples:Michael Jordan, v John McEnroe, Iacocca v other CEO that were successful in the LONG run, etc.
Yes, a little lengthy at times, but then you can read the book so quickly, you won't lose a lot of time. There is still a lot of substance.
The Gordonston Ladies Dog Walking Club von Duncan Whitehead
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I love literature about the American South, and if it's humorous - even better. So I looked forward to reading this. The general idea is very good. The choice of characters is also good. There is a lot of potential here.
But in the end, it didn't quite deliver. Yes, some passages are funny. I finished reading it because, all in all, it is entertaining.
But the novel would have benefited from A LOT more dialog - there is very little, most of it just gives us the interior view of characters, but not in an elaborated interior monolog. This makes the novel a little less vivid than it could be.

Some of the plot is just WAY to constructed, especially the part of the old man… Mehr dazu
No god but God (Updated Edition): The Origins, Evo&hellip von Reza Aslan
This history of Islam is written by a true story teller, which makes it very easy to read. Aslan illustrates moments in Islamic history and thus makes them come alive, for example the arrival of the prophet at Yathrib (today's Medina). The skeptic within me automatically questions the detail with which Aslan paints the picture, but the reader in me welcomes this style of writing.
Aslan has chosen important moments from 1500 years of Islamic history and presents them very well. He refers to other scholars (calming the skeptic in me somewhat). He shows many strands of Islam and many instances of internal dissent or just differences in opinion and interpretation.
The author's… Mehr dazu