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Harold and Maude von Colin Higgins
Harold and Maude von Colin Higgins
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"HAROLD AND MAUDE" (a book review by PARADOX).
I have read the book "Harold & Maude" and that is what I could say about it:
The story of that book is about Harold (20-jear-old man, likes to fake suicide) and Maude (79-jear-old women, has got realy intresting point of view about some things... like ownership). They become friends, after Harold met Maude at one of the funreals, where Harold likes to spend his free time. After few time Maude dicides to expose Harold "the wonders of life" ... "this" wonders would cange Harolds life forever.
Colin Higgins has used low level english to write that book, but there are some places you couldn't understand without a dictionary… Mehr dazu