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Software Process Improvement: Practical Guidelines&hellip von Sami Zahran
This book is the best implementation guide on the market for Software Process Improvement. Whether you're a fledgling company trying to design quality software with no guidelines to go by or a well-developed organization with processes in place, this book offers up many ways you can improve your software quality.
It gives you a benchmark to compare your company with ISO 9001, CMM and others which is invaluable. If you're looking for help bringing your software processes into alignment - you want this book!
The Capability Maturity Model: Guidelines for Impr&hellip von Marc C. Paulk
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This book is an excellent reference for everyone. Whether you're in the beginning stages of defining a software process and it's improvement or already have a well-defined process in place. This book gives you the guiding steps to becoming SEI - CMM compliant regardless of your platform. If you want the recognition of having well-defined processes that improve your software quality which in turn brings better customer retention and even increased sales - you want the CMM process and this book!
Configuration Management (Trends in Software) von Walter F. Tichy
This book will offer great detail to someone new to configuration management that actually uses some of the tools the author covers. It does give a brief overview of SCM and it's philosophy but delves so deeply into the tools and how to use them that if you don't have access to them this book may leave you hanging. Great reference material for a day when you come across one of the named tools though.