J. G. Heiser

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I'm an InfoSec professional who works for a large financial institution.


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The Process of Network Security: Designing and Man&hellip von Thomas Wadlow
Wadlow's new book is full of sage and useful guidance for medium to large organizations that are completely dependent upon the Internet. Intended mainly for the chief security officer, or the administrator responsible for information protection, this book is not so much about technology as it is about how to apply technology. It clearly describes how to effectively configure and administer your information systems and your staff in order to prevent security incidents and, when the inevitable does happen, to recover as quickly and completely as possible.
With 20 years of relevant experience, the author has done some deep thinking on this subject. As an example, he lists 27… Mehr dazu
Intrusion Detection (MacMillan Technology) von Rebecca Gurley Bace
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This is a well-researched and well-written text. It is an excellent complement to Northcutt's book, which is more concrete and oriented to the hands-on practitioner. Those hoping to just buy an off-the-shelf IDS and turn it on may find Bace's book somewhat abstract. Although it reads well, it has a very strong academic flavor (this is probably inevitable in any book that uses the word 'etiology' twice in the first chapter). If Amoroso's book is a graduate-level text, then this is an appropriate book for undergrads.
Every specialized text on security seems to succumb to the temptation to flesh out the book with elementary security topics, and this one is no exception… Mehr dazu
The Abilene Paradox and Other Meditations on Manag&hellip von Jerry B. Harvey
Brilliant, wise, humane and funny, Harvey's classic book on organizational behavior is entertaining and thought provoking. Many of his explanations about corporate behavior struck a chord with me--I read this one with a pen in hand, jotting down notes about specific experiences that I have had in phrog farms. If you are unhappy at work, maybe it is not your fault--maybe you are stuck in a degrading and unhealthy work environment.
Harvey expects a great deal from leaders in business, politics, and even education, and is not reticent to criticize them for abusing their position of authority. He characterizes contemporary corporate culture as being a virtual conspiracy,… Mehr dazu