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I am an entertainment publicist in NYC and an addicted reader. My nose is always in a book so I am always looking for good recommendations.

I tend to read mysteries and I particularly love bibliomysteries. I am always happy to share a good author or book with others. You can e-mail me at pshkbb@aol.com.

My favorite book is The Eight by Katherine Neville and if you haven't read it yet - get a … Mehr dazu


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Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
While this book has certainly garnered it's fair share of reviews - I felt that I had to add one more. I have read all of the Harry Potter books and I simply loved number four. I have also never been stopped by so many strangers on the street to be asked about a book. It seems as tho everyone wanted to know how the book was and if I had read the previous three. I told everyone that still has an inner child to run out and buy this book (as well as the first three).
JK Rowling seems to be getting better with age and experience as does Harry. She has really expanded her wings in this installment of the Harry Potter series.
While the book begins exactly the same as the past… Mehr dazu
The Raphael Affair (Art History Mystery, Band 1) von Iain Pears
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While I was not a fan of Iain Pears' most popular work "The Instance of Fingerposts" I still enjoyed this earlier work "The Raphael Affair". This was not your average mystery - it was also a lesson in art history which I thought was excellent.
I gave this book three stars because I thought the mystery part of this book was lacking a bit while the premise and the characters were much more in depth. The reader is first introduced to the Italian detective, General Bottando, and his assistant, Flavia di Stefano as they are called on the scene to investigate a supposed break-in at a local church. While talking to the vagrant we discover that Jonathan Argyll is… Mehr dazu
The Alchemist, Engl. ed. von Paulo Coelho
The Alchemist, Engl. ed. von Paulo Coelho
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I originally picked up The Alchemist because I thought the story looked interesting and while I found that it was, I also discovered that this novel was more than a quick read - it was a reminder of what life is all about.
The novel begins with a shepherd who dreams of traveling and finding his fortune. He can not ignore his dreams and he seeks out someone who may be able to help him discover the true meaning of these dreams. Along the way Santiago, the shepherd meets with disappointment as well as enlightenment at the oddest of places.
He learns that one must see the world with truly open eyes, one must see the signs that are all around him and are simply waiting to guide… Mehr dazu