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I, Jim Moran, serve as a writer, a Web researcher, a book reviewer, an Internet business consultant, a marketing consultant, a client tradeshow representative, a Website designer, and a computer product reviewer. I attend a lot of computer, Internet, marketing, and promotion events. I'm an active member of the Internet community. My book reviews can be read at www.WebReviewer.com. Drop by some… Mehr dazu


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The Domain Name Handbook: High Stakes & Strategies&hellip von Ellen Rony
Remember the old saying, "What's in a name?" A name should represent a well known company, person, quality workmanship, products, and services. Nothing could be more true when we consider what is involved in registering and using domain names today. Ellen Rony and Peter Rony have written The Domain Name Handbook to provide readers with a considerable amount of detailed information about this often overlooked but essential element of establishing an online presence.
When a company or person takes action to establish themselves online it is necessary for them to come up with a unique domain name that clearly represents the nature of their products, services, or other… Mehr dazu
ISP Liability Survival Guide (NC): Strategies for &hellip von Timothy D. Casey
ISP Liability Survival Guide written by Timothy Casey is an excellent guide for ISP's to follow in order to run an effective service and remain within established industry standards of practice and the law. This book will help ISP's to sort through all the existing laws, regulations, policies, and issues and help them to determine which ones apply to them and how applicable ones should be enforced through their services.
This book provides an excellent treatment of handling intellectual property issues. Trademark, copyright, patent, and domain name issues are big today. ISP's will receive a mini-course in dealing with them. What is a trademark? What is a copyright? What is fair… Mehr dazu
300 More Incredible Things to Do on the Internet (&hellip von Ken Leebow
The Internet has provided people with many more opportunities to do things since the first edition of this little book came out in 1998. Ken Leebow has come up with another great collection of useful online resources and fun things to do.
This book is another compilation in the series of Incredible Things to do... books. Readers are invited to learn about taking care of their computers, sound investing, managing their homes, MP3 music, playing crossword puzzles, searching online, smart shopping, and more. Readers are also be able to view Webcams located around the world, read up on dumb laws and urban legends, find jobs, find travel information, and do many more things… Mehr dazu