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The Vatican Exposed: Money, Murder, and the Mafia:&hellip von Paul L. Williams
The Vatican Exposed illustrates the history of the catholic church throughout the 20th Century, filled by more or lesser well known scandals. At the brink of bankruptcy in the 20s the Vatican agrees to a deal with the devil, or Mussolini in this case, resulting in the sovereignty of the Vatican state and henceforth made them untouchable. What follows is a showpiece for the self-proclaimed infallibility and moral superiority of the largest organized church:
- the creation of the Vatican Bank and various scandals, including money laundering for the Italian mafia. The stakes held in companies that produce weapons or birth control alone indicates a slight disconnect between preaching and… Mehr dazu
You Are Not So Smart: Why Your Memory is Mostly Fi&hellip von David McRaney
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This book must be one of my favorite reads in the last 12 months, highly entertaining, funny, engaging and well written. I for one could identify myself with most chapters - not always easy to come to that realization that you are not so smart after all. Though I had some courses in university which covered some of the topics, I was able to learn a lot about myself and others, what makes us tick so to speak.

Recommended to anyone even remotely interested in psychology and topics somewhat connected to this (media, marketing etc).