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I live in Thunder Bay, Ontario, at the top of Lake Superior. I teach inorganic chemistry at Lakehead University, a school with about 7000 undergrads. My reading tastes centre on science fiction and military history, especially the era from 1870 to 1945. My favourite author is Arthur C. Clarke, and since I've read all his stuff, now I've decided to read all the Hugo/Nebula Award winners - I'm about… Mehr dazu


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Einstein Intersection von Samuel R. Delany
Einstein Intersection von Samuel R. Delany
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2.0 von 5 Sternen Not worth the effort, 1. August 2000
This seems to be the type of book that would either raise admiration or ire in the bosom of the reader. I find myself in the latter category. This novel is one of those philosophical/mythological science fiction stories. I find that such books require a large investment of time to understand (flipping through encyclopedias and dictionaries) with my physical sciences education. Then, at 150 pages, after you've invested the effort, the book ends. Perhaps someone versed in the classics would enjoy this book, but for me it was simply not worth the effort.
This book is not really about anything, its about images. They come fast and furious, but there is little explained, and… Mehr dazu
Blood on the Hills: The Canadian Army in the Korea&hellip von David J. Bercuson
This book is exactly what the subtitle implies - a history of the Canadian army in Korea. As such, the scope is limited to army operations and the political background required to justify the Canadian government's commitment of ground troops in this war. There is very little about the forces of other countries involved except where they are intimately related to the Canadian brigade. This is a strength of the book - it has well defined boundries and is thorough within those boundries, including copious endnotes and sources. The maps are limited, but easily accesible (all collected at the beginning of the book, for ease of reference).
The author is quite critical with the… Mehr dazu
Biology as Ideology: The Doctrine of DNA von Richard C. Lewontin
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This book is exactly what the title implies - a treatise on how many people in the scientific community (including physical and social science) and in the general public have come to regard biology, or more specifically DNA, as The Answer. Just as religion had The Answer in previous ages, so now, we "know" that all the answers lie in understanding our DNA. This has spread to all aspects of human society, from justification of our capitalist monetary system to modern medicine. To emphasise the point, a quote from the text: "[An] editor of Science, what asked why the Human Genome Project funds should not be given instead to the homeless, answered, 'What these people… Mehr dazu