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I am currently a financial analyst with MCI WorldCom who enjoys listening to music from the 50's through the 80's, surfing the internet, and watching sitcoms from the 70's. One of my life's goals is to be a humanity consultant, trying to show others to treat fellow human beings in a more compassionate manner. I think we would have a more productive and progressive society if we followed the gold… Mehr dazu


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Fundamental Methods of Mathematical Economics von Alpha C. Chiang
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Alpha Chiang's text should serve as the foundation for all quantitive analysis done in economic theory. It is an invaluable teaching tool for graduate students in economics and will help them better understand the mathematical techniques that have become so necessary for economic modeling.(p)
I am not a highly quantitative person myself, but I found Chiang's book comprehensible and a useful reference guide in my gradaute economics classes. Along with Hal Varian's "Microeconomic Theory" and Jan Kmenta's "Econometrics", I would say that Chiang's "Fundamentals of Mathematical Economics" should serve as sacred literature for any prospective graduate… Mehr dazu
International Economics: Theory and Policy (Addiso&hellip von Paul R. Krugman
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Krugman and Obstfeld provide a full detailed analysis and examples for the basis of trade among nations. It is relatively straightforward to comprehend for both economists and noneconomists. International trade is an important component of economic policy for the growth and development of countries. This book examines various theoretical trade models and provides real world examples of policy formulation and their impact. The authors do not take any political positions, thus making their analysis a purely objective, or positive study.(p)
I would highly recommend this book to students interested in doing research in international trade and development. It is a must read for… Mehr dazu
Profiles in Courage von John F. Kennedy
Profiles in Courage von John F. Kennedy
John F. Kennedy's Pulitzer Prize winning book is a must read for all Americans interested in the importance of statesmanship and the courage to place principles above personal profit. Each chapter details the works of a U.S. legislator who made a significant impact on the credibility of the United States Constitution, often putting his or her career on the line to defend the foundations of the American republic. Many of these legislators are rarely spoken of today, but the continuing tradition of the democratic process of this nation owes a deep sense of gratitude to these statesmen.(p)
At a time when many of us are questioning the character and the ambitions of our political… Mehr dazu