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My reading centers on history and current events, historical fiction and spy/mystery novels. In terms of the reviews that I have written, my academic credentials include a master's degree of arts in International Relations from Boston University as well as my professional experiences in the military. When reading my reviews on entertainment I am a scifi fan and I like watching action, drama and … Mehr dazu

I like to read: History, and Fiction. Favorite Author: Patrick O'Brian. I like to watch: action/adventure, drama and thrillers. Favorite TV shows on the air: Lost, Battlestar Galactica, Desperate Housewives, Smallville, and Without a Trace. I lik… Mehr dazu


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Crucible of War: The Seven Years' War and the Fate&hellip von Fred Anderson
In this book on colonial and imperial history, 1754-1766, Fred Anderson sweeps the Seven Years War out of the periphery of our historical memory and revitalizes it through new insights with this comprehensive tale. Namely, that this conflict led to changes in the structures of the British and French Empires which in turn led to the American War of Independence. He shows how the British policy was changed in its attitude toward the colonies throughout the war and how the colonists themselves were changed in the aftermath of the war by those policies as they were implemented.
With these goals stated he leaps into some of the most engaging history that I have read. Anderson has… Mehr dazu
The Requiem Shark: A Novel von Nicholas Griffin
The Requiem Shark: A Novel von Nicholas Griffin
I started reading Griffin's novel under the shadow of Patrick O'Brian, which probably isn't quite fair, but I did anyway- it would be hard not to. Amazingly, this book stands on its own. While there are no Jack Aubrey or Stephen Maturin characters, Griffin manages to create his own memorable cast that do not even try and replace our swashbuckling favorites. William Williams, Captain Roberts and Innocent are all worth remembering. If it were not for the 60 year time difference (Aubrey not yet born), it would be easy to imagine the HMS Surprise chasing these pirates across the atlantic. They are really that well written.
The story itself is not overtly complicated: the basic… Mehr dazu
Anil's Ghost von Michael Ondaatje
Anil's Ghost von Michael Ondaatje
The story of forensic anthropologist Anil Tissera is one that Ondaatje drapes in mystery. As can be expected from any who have read his previous works, the description and flashbacks are both vivid and prolificly written. This novel was more accessable than its famous predecessor, The English Patient: there are fewer secret lives and betrayals, but more importantly, nearly all the characters are on the same linear path.
Anil Tissera (Sri Lankan born) is a woman who has been educated in England and the United States in the field of forensic anthropology. She has become immersed in the application of her schooling to the arena of Civil Rights violations. So when a position is… Mehr dazu