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Colette's Birthday Cakes von Colette Peters
Colette's Birthday Cakes von Colette Peters
I love this book! I stumbled on it at the bookstore (it was mis-shelved) & ended up buying it instead of the "20/30 Fat & Fiber Diet Plan" I was going to. (Salvation!) Anyway, although my cake expertise is mostly regulated to Duncan Hines mixes & canned frosting glopped on with a spoon...I once wrote 'Happy Birthday' on a cake with a tube of frosting, but it looked like 'Hoppy Bugday' & my son still remembers it as the bug cake.... I found this a wishbook of cakes; page after page of inspiration & magical ideas----and I think even I could manage the cake of rice krispies treats. All I know is, I'm sure enjoying this book more than I would have the Fat… Mehr dazu