Joachim Jaskolla

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Swan Song von Robert McCammon
Swan Song von Robert McCammon
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2.0 von 5 Sternen Pathetic, 3. September 2009
What i did not like:

Kitsch and Cliches, 2-dimensional characters and a mind-boggingly pathetic ending. Deus ex machina as an automatic last resort, tons and tons of pointless and often dull descriptions of interiors and exteriors of buildings, of roads, of cities and villages, of people and whatnot. Akward metaphors. A somewhat phoney undertone: I got the impression the author delights in scenes of violence, mayhem and destruction but deems it necessary to implement remorse, redemption, love and all the "good" stuff. Only that he rather fails in that where not his heart is. Religious motives in abundance. Pathos. Pathos. Pathos.

What i liked:

The dialogues… Mehr dazu
Runes of Magic (PC) von Koch Media GmbH
Runes of Magic (PC) von Koch Media GmbH
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4.0 von 5 Sternen Schönes Spiel, 25. März 2009

- Umfangreiche, stimmige und frei erforschbare Welt
- Gelungene Atmosphäre
- Meist gelungenes Leveldesign
- Viele, viele Quests, oft verbunden mit netten, kleinen, manchmal komischen, manchmal tragischen Geschichten
- Freundliche, engagierte Community: Braucht man mal Hilfe, findet man sehr schnell welche. Hilft man selber, wird sich freundlich bedankt.
- Abwechslungsreiche Gegner
- Leichter Einstieg
- Umfassende Individualisierungsmöglichkeiten des Aussehens bei der Charaktererstellung
- Durch ein gewisses Maß an Non-Linearität kann man sich den weiteren Spielverlauf je nach Vorliebe einfach, fordend, schwierig… Mehr dazu
Old Man's War von John Scalzi
Old Man's War von John Scalzi
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2.0 von 5 Sternen Superficial and redundant, 11. Februar 2009
I did not like this book. All the author manages to establish are two kinds of people. Either you are smart, thoughtful and witty - then you're befriended to the hero - or you're daft and dislikable - then you're not.
The characters are the most 2-dimensional i have met in a long, long time.

There is no such thing as an "old man's war". Nobody in this book behaves like old man do. They are just too smart, thoughtful and witty. Just too lively, too self-satisfied and self-centered.
And then they go out and shoot things. They don't particularly enjoy it but the author's focus seems rather on what it means to them having turned a green colour after the juvenisation than on… Mehr dazu