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A Gesture Life: A Novel von Chang-rae Lee
A Gesture Life: A Novel von Chang-rae Lee
5.0 von 5 Sternen Hata's Journey, 30. Juni 2000
Shall we call him Doc Hata or Franklin? Maybe Lieutanent Kurohata or some Korean name that he was born with? The characters in the story called him whatever they knew him as and readers will call him whatever they are comfortable with. I will call him Hata.
Hata crafted his life in a subarban USA. Crafted around the existing social fabric and completely transparent. Much like a politician running for an office. Respectable business, right neighborhood, dignified house, Mercedes, white girlfriend...
But when it came to his daughter, he was hopelessly lost. He named his daughter Sunny after his respectable store. But Sunny was anything but respectable in his view. She was a… Mehr dazu
The Mysterious Island (Signet Classics) von Jules Verne
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4.0 von 5 Sternen Civilization recreated, 19. Juni 2000
In the tradition of Robinson Crusoe but unmistakenly Jules Verne, Mysterious Island depicts human ingenuity, resilience and nature.
Harding, with his crew, step by step recreates civilization in its purest form. That includes the element of human organization in its simplest and most effective form. The society is made up of members who are earnest, friendly and selfless and a leader who is trustworty, compassionate and unassuming.
Jules Verne, throughout his books, portrayed his main characters as decent and noble. His personal view may be that all humans are decent underneath. Only when subjected to ills of over-civilization, they become destructive.
Mysterious… Mehr dazu
Call Center Management on Fast Forward: Succeeding&hellip von Brad Cleveland
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This book is for everyone in the business world, not only for call center managers. All organizations of all sizes are closing the gap between businesses and customers. And the main customer contact point, call center, is coming into a spotlight as the centerpiece of businesses. This book introduces readers to call center management practices, the good and the bad. It also point out the factors that are changing call centers, their functions and people who work in them. Its insight into some of the technology changes help readers grasp their importance in the context of everyday operation. Fast reading.