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"Asche war gestern."
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Psychologie, Personal Development, Organisation, Lifestyle Design, Selbstverteidigung / Kampfkunst


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The Girls From Alcyone von Cary Caffrey
The Girls From Alcyone von Cary Caffrey
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5.0 von 5 Sternen Blast of a ride!, 25. April 2014
It's everything one can hope for, looking for engrossing entertainment; at least with me it hit all the right bottoms err buttons :) What more can you ask for? Bionically enhanced warrior chicks, blades, guns, ships, mechs, adventure, odyssey, cabal, loyalty & treason, hell yeah :D If you like over the top manga super heroine stuff and space opera sci-fi bordering on the military genre, get this; you won't be disappointed.
Rocket! (An Ell Donsaii story #4) (English Edition&hellip von Laurence Dahners
Tne 4th installment of th Ell Donsaii chronicles accompany her venturing into the field of hard applied physics. If you don't have a geeky streak, this one may be a bit bland for your tastes, as it is mainly about scientific discovery and pushing boundary after boundary. I found it enjoyable enogh though and will follow her onwards.
Lieutenant (An Ell Donsaii story #3) (English Edit&hellip von Laurence Dahners
It's a bit difficult to describe what exactly it is that makes Ell Donsaii so likeable a character. Prima facie she's so much larger than life in so many ways that one might feel tempted to just snort her off as just being too unreal - but then again, many of us do like their Marvel an DC heroes, don't we?! Pairing her model looks, genius brainz and freakish physical abilities with a pronounced shyness and fear of social interaction as so many high-powered geeks seem to be haunted by were smart moves by Dahners as were matching her primary "power" - quickness of motion - with an endurance problem. Donsaii is not invincible nor is she unfazed by absolutely anything. She just gets her… Mehr dazu