Mitch Ritter

"Mitch Ritter"
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Ort: Po' Land, Or-Wa USA
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Northwest correspondent for U.S. Roots & World Music magazine DIRTY LINEN (newsstand & subscription) and online Driftwood Magazine

Indie journalism, books, community radio, song, theater


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Uncommon Wisdom: True Tales of What Our Lives as D&hellip von John E. Castaldo
Skeptical of the quality of U.S. health care as you are nudged onto the conveyor belt of HMO-assigned (Health Maintenance Org) General Practitioner then GP-referred Specialist when you are in pain with no clear diagnosis? Does the packed waiting room and a Specialist with approximately less than ten minutes to spend with you and no electronic medical history available for review discourage you? Sympathetic with the demands being placed on doctors who may appear more distracted and less likely to form any sort of familiar bond with a regular patient these days and who now have to become their own bookkeepers, filing clerks, health insurance sub-contractors and pre-emptive strike legal… Mehr dazu
Zoo Zizaro von Club des Belugas
Zoo Zizaro von Club des Belugas
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Have to hand it to MC DJ Chintzy Schmaltz of Portland, Oregon's community radio station KBOO whose after-midnight Monday into Tuesday wee hours LOUNGE WORLD brought this import to my attention. Given that local record stores (yes, Po'Land still has a coupla three record store\disc shops) don't have any bin-card for this Berlin-based band it was good to have Amazon there to supply.

Chintzy had caught my ear threading des Belugas "Human Loss & Gain" remix of Bajka & Radio Utopia into a provocative set of 'down-tempo, anti-war, broken world, nu jazz' as per the mission of LOUNGE WORLD. Bajka's vocal & lyrics are very well worth puzzling out. Her English fluent and the mix just right… Mehr dazu
The Last Lie von Tony Gloeggler
The Last Lie von Tony Gloeggler
5.0 von 5 Sternen Lean Into The Last Lie, 4. August 2010
Not to be confused with the best-selling case studies of child psychiatrist M. Scott Peck's "People of the Lie" except perhaps as a cautionary on the reliability of any narrative titled "The Last Lie", Tony Gloeggler's poetry flaunts irrevocable license and labors under no obligation to be balanced and fair. These are urban vignettes with the tv tuned to Yankee play-by-play and boom box playing classic rock ever bleeding into the foreground dramas of discovery unfolding. This isn't about self-discovery or transformation. The characters in Gloeggler's poems are usually discovering how immutable they are and how unchangeable is their condition.

As he did so compellingly with… Mehr dazu