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Published columnist, top ranking web developer, graphic artist, advocate for liberty. Renaissance curmudgeon; an opinion about everything, and the will to share it.

Polyamory, Robert Heinlein, libertarianism.


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The Dancers at the End of Time (The Eternal Champi&hellip von Michael Moorcock
In these three books, Michael Moorcock reaches farther and explores more ideas and concepts than most other authors - even SF/F authors, in their entire career.
The characters will constantly shock you, at first, but the "reality" of their situation soon becomes clear, and fascinating.
And if you ever wished to see "character development" made interesting, the experiences and responses of Jherek Cornelian in this epic is the Stairway to Heaven of personal growth and realization.
Did you know that the author is one of the actual creators of "Cyberpunk"? It was his magazine, New Worlds, from which the founders of Cyberpunk sprang, at the… Mehr dazu
Dune von Frank Herbert
Dune von Frank Herbert
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This book is not light reading.
That is, ironically, because it is so well written.
Herbert creates a universe so rich, so real, that he often needs to explain subtle parts of its history and environment to you. So it's not rapid-fire action at all times.
The story, though, is well worth it. One of the greatest ever written. I remember, years ago, reading that it had sold "ten million copies", some kind of record at the time. Surely it has sold more, now.
This novel is brilliant, and worth the effort. Think of the time it takes as the long drive from home to Disneyworld.
For those who care: One obvious thing Herbert was trying to examine was how a… Mehr dazu
How to Teach Your Baby: The Gentle Revolution (Gen&hellip von Glenn Doman
3.0 von 5 Sternen Good Ideas, Bad Techniques, 4. Januar 1999
I taught myself to read at age three. I figured it out phonetically...essentially teaching myself phonics.
The authors, while making brilliant observations on how much earlier children should be learning, advocate a "whole word" method, where the child memorizes the shape of a word, instead of learning to sound it out. This leaves him with the same disadvantages which held back all writing until people moved beyond pictographs.
Whole word methods like the authors advocate here are a significant disadvantage for the child, leaving him ill-equipped to deal with new words and ideas. He has never seen the word before, thus it is an alien shape to him and derails his… Mehr dazu