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On War (Penguin Classics) von Carl Clausewitz
On War (Penguin Classics) von Carl Clausewitz
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I believe that this book approaches more strategic thought - as it pertains to business and modern strategic planning - than it pertains to modern warfare. A must for most international business people and financiers. I would not advise anybody to accept the dated (war) tactics as gospel truth but rather conceptualize the depth of proposed strategic thought carefully, internalizing and putting into practice in modern competitive business scenarios.
If one wished to be a successful, international corporate leader, one must keep von Clausewitz close to the heart. Not for the weak minded!
The translation of this edition is horribly mechanical, sentences are way too long and… Mehr dazu
The Art of War: A Revised Edition of the Ellis Far&hellip von Niccolo MacHiavelli
This book clearly presents the realistic theory that war and politics go hand in hand. Although a bit too detailed on the mechanics of ancient warfare, the book is nevertheless a masterpiece of (military) strategy.