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I am a CS major, i like to write programs...huh huh huh


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Learning Perl (Nutshell Handbook) von Randal L Schwartz
Learning Perl (Nutshell Handbook) von Randal L Schwartz
Many reviews below said that this book is good for Unix hackers only, but I found the refrences to Unix more an enlightening than an impediment; I was learning some unix features in the context of perl :) . And, for those few platform specific tasks you will most likely need, there is more than enough online documentation, and much of it is included in the Perl download for whatever port you'll use. I myself started using MacPerl, and shortly after was writing a command line interpreting shell-like program as an educational project. (Which reminds me, does anyone know how to send backquote-like commands to MPW? any advice appreciated!)...
So even if this book has a few… Mehr dazu