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Atlantis Dark Tides: Lost Daughters of Atlantis Bo&hellip von Allie Burton
2.0 von 5 Sternen disapointed, 23. Juni 2014
I was really really hoping that FINALY all the loose ends would be tied up and there would be some action taking place, some resolution to the problems, some mystical now the three (or four) princesses are together the phrophecy will be fullfilled but nothing...

While i liked Sky better then almost anybody else, the story simply did not work for me because it was told one to many times.
So she had an abusive mother who never let her out before - ok very very bad - but WHY would that mother NOW at all times let her go explore the world alone???

She has trust issued (ok unserstandable but where did we read about that before??? YES in EVERY Book so far...) She goes… Mehr dazu
Atlantis Red Tide: Lost Daughters of Atlantis von Allie Burton
while not bad as such the overall series is lacking

Its hard to express what eactly is wrong with this book/this series - i got hooked into the story but even after reading everything i'm now disapointed with the story and have opted to give it back

I understand that if we are talking Meerpeople with special abilities witch of course are not "normal" and i'm quite happy with that. I liked that after so many alpha hero with special abilities finds and claims girl stories whe have now the girls as the heros. And i liked the basic idea of the Atlanteans and the story of the three princesses as such.

But most of the story - that is the interaction… Mehr dazu
Hartig + Helling ALG 636 Universal-Schnell-Ladeger&hellip von Hartig + Helling
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Gerät kam schnell und pünktlich
ABER in einer unnötigen Riesenverpackung. Als Puffer waren nur ein paar von diesen Riesen Lufttaschenpolster - Gerät selber lag aber am Boden unter diesen - wie gesagt nur Müll den ich entsorgen musste ohne dass es sinnvoll war...

Gerät ist in diesen ekligen Hart Plastik so eingeschweißt dass ich erst mal ne Ewigkeit gebraucht habe es aufzubekommen. Ging trotz scharfer Schere nur mit Riesenkraftaufwand aber ok ist nervig aber leider nicht so ungewöhnlich .

Nach dem Auspacken dann endlich mein Gerät - sieht in echt noch billiger aus als auf dem Foto aber Hauptsache es funktioniert. Bei… Mehr dazu