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And the Band Played on: Politics, People and the A&hellip von Randy Shilts
5.0 von 5 Sternen Heartbreaking, 15. Mai 2000
I still remember a powerful first experience with this book. Even the title conjured up a reaction as it initially reminded me of musicians playing on a sinking Titanic, and both stories (that of the Titanic disaster and unbelievable ignorance, denial and embarrasment that took AIDS from outbreak to epidemic to catastrophe) bring about the same sort of sinking feeling.
Shilts' truly extraordinary book is one of the most incredibly detailed accounts that I have ever read...on any topic, and many of these details are very upsetting but sadly not surprising. The stories of these people, their suffering, the humanity (as well as its staggering absence in many cases) will make many a… Mehr dazu
The Gift of Fear: Survival Signals That Protect Us&hellip von Gavin De Becker
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for people in a variety of fields, especially those dealing with a lot of individuals on a personal level. This book does not so much teach readers as it does allow them to accept and act upon intuition, acknowledge fear in many situations as a gift, and make good use of adrenaline as a Godsend in getting out of dangerous situations or away from potential violence.
"The Gift of Fear" makes an excellent companion to those interested or working in issues/crisis management as well as to the man/woman on the street.
Queen and I von Sue Townsend
Queen and I von Sue Townsend
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I sometimes think that Sue Townsend has the ability to take the most everyday of situations and mundane people and put them in witty, funny difficulties; first bringing Adrian Mole to hilarious reality, then a young Margaret Thatcher, Ms. Townsend breathes life, humour and satire into a personality that few might associate with side-splitting humour...the Queen!
What would happen if the Republicans were to win the British elections by a landslide? The story begins with Queen (and Corgi)watching media coverage of such an event on the Master-bedroom telly at Buckingham Palace. The Royal family soon finds itself stripped of wealth, titles, power and the life of leisure. They are… Mehr dazu