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Actuary and writer, a particular fascination with the Bronze Age in Greece. Check out 'Iokaste: The Novel of the Mother-Wife of Oedipus' and my website,


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Die Päpstin <b>DVD</b> ~ Johanna Wokalek
Die Päpstin DVD ~ Johanna Wokalek
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English below!

Bevor die Leute anfingen, die Verschwörungstheorien in Dan Browns Da Vinci Code zu debattieren, wurden die Flammen der katholischen Kontroverse durch Donna Woolfolk Cross Buch Die Päpstin entzündet. Päpstin Johanna war eine historische/mythische Frau, die sich als Mann verkleidete und ihr Leben als Papst beendete.

Das Buch wurde nun auf die Leinwand gebracht, und der Film folgt dem Buch sehr eng. Das Buch und der Film machen deutlich, warum eine Frau beschließt, sich als Mann zu verkleiden: viele Frauen wurden sehr schlecht behandelt; das Leben eines Mannes war zweifellos besser. Eine Frau, die einen Beruf erlernen oder… Mehr dazu
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
First, let me say I enjoyed this book tremendously. And I'm thrilled that Rowling is allowing her characters to actually grow up. The Yule Ball and the way the characters all act is true to form -- I could feel Harry's teenage terror as he tried to ask out a girl. Let me also say that I appreciate the darker side of the book. There is evil in the world; it does do real and permanent harm; and the death of a character who can not come back underlines this.
It was also good to get explanations. Unlike Harry, I had been wondering what happened to Neville's parents, and I had been wondering, with all the evil surrounding him, how he could be safe at the Dursleys. It was also… Mehr dazu
Red Mars (Mars Trilogy) von Kim Stanley Robinson
Red Mars (Mars Trilogy) von Kim Stanley Robinson
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1.0 von 5 Sternen Why Should We Care?, 27. Februar 2000
The geology and some of the descriptions are great. But beyond that, KSR fails to give what I would consider a "satisfying reader experience." The characters are all pointed in one direction or another, and none of them ever seem to learn anything, to grow in any way. None of them ever seem to touch one another (although some of them get resigned to this state, it would be better to make contact). Nor do they touch the reader. I expected Chalmers to show some remorse for the murder, or for his friends to be horrified by his deed -- although perhaps I missed it, as admittedly my eyes were fairly glazed over during part of the experience.
The revolution is described… Mehr dazu