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Valor (English Edition) von J.W. Cockerill
Valor (English Edition) von J.W. Cockerill
2.0 von 5 Sternen This book puzzles me, 29. August 2014
There's a strange mixture of strengths and weaknesses here. The only explanation I can think of is that the author must be very young.

It's not just aimed at children, it's downright childish. For one thing, it sometimes lacks the realism that I expect from serious world-building; e.g. the main character, ten year old Valor, lives alone in a house and buys his own food at the market, yet the question of where his money comes from is never even raised. But the weakest parts are speech and thought: apart from some banter between friends, which is not badly done, most dialogues are flat; when describing the thoughts of a character the author often just states the obvious, and… Mehr dazu
The Girl With All The Gifts (English Edition) von M. R. Carey
Though I love SciFi and Fantasy, I'm not particularly into dystopias and even less into zombie stories. Somehow the fact that this is such a story had eluded me while reading the description and a few reviews; otherwise I might not have bought it. I read it through anyway, which in itself proves that there's something in there even for a 'non-zombie-ist'.

It has everything I would expect from a zombie story: a bleak future for the few survivors of mankind, lots of rot and decay, some brutality and gore, inhuman use of medicine 'for the greater good' etc. Such things don't appeal to me even as part of a story. Yet there are strong positive notes, too, like a growing kindness and… Mehr dazu
Tower Lord: Book 2 of Raven's Shadow (English Edit&hellip von Anthony Ryan
I loved Blood Song. Vaelin is the best sort of hero: not so perfect as to be ridiculous, but 'good enough' to win my respect and loyalty. The story of his early years was well told and pleasant to read.

I'm in two minds about 'Tower Lord'.

Though Vaelin's new office provides the title, only a quarter of the book is about him. In fact, the story is evenly divided between four protagonists, on a kind of 'chapter-wise rotation system'. That doesn't work too well for me. I would expect a 'multithreaded' story to be told either along a common timeline, as is the usual way, or one thread after another, as Tolkien does in 'The Two Towers'. Ryan does neither: in the rare… Mehr dazu