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Jupiter's Travels von Ted Simon
Jupiter's Travels von Ted Simon
5.0 von 5 Sternen Oh this is just great~!, 18. Juli 2000
I have to put in my plug if you are only considering this book. If you love adventure stories about people who REALLY do "stuff" get this. I love stories from the heart about normal people who just one day decide to do a remarkable something with their life. You will remember his "journal-type" story forever. I read this over 10 years ago. I flash back all the time on Jupiters' journey, as it was physical but went deeply into into his purpose and sense of self. Gosh, I think he meant to take us all willing to go too, WITH him by writing this like a gift. I don't think he wrote this thinking "oh I better not talk about God becasue there might be non-belivers… Mehr dazu