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Formerly a mild-mannered desk jockey, jal decided to ditch the corporate rat race and pursue the Sithly arts. Darth is now kind of tired of the whole thing, but has yet to settle on a new name and identity.


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First They Killed My Father: A Daughter of Cambodi&hellip von Loung Ung
When I was a child in parochial school, we used to pray for "the starving children in Cambodia" every day. Now I finally know exactly who we were praying for.
Before this book was published, I wasn't able to find any first-person accounts of the genocide in Cambodia. Having finally read one, I can see why. Just reading it could be emotionally scarring. The actual experience is not something that most of Cambodia's survivors would want to relive in the telling.
Ung's unflinching account describes what we can only hope is the absolute nadir of human experience. These are the outrages endured by nation that was decimated twice over by squads of angry bullies, a… Mehr dazu