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You base buying decisions on reviews. Heck, that's probably one of the main reasons you come to Amazon. Editorial integrity is therefore vital.

With increasing frequency both publishers and authors have offered promo copies of various books, sometimes with strings attached. I will accept free copies of books, however, I do not promise a positive review or any review at all. If I read it and… Mehr dazu


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The Alchemist, Engl. ed. von Paulo Coelho
The Alchemist, Engl. ed. von Paulo Coelho
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No matter where you are in the journey of life, you instinctually know where you stand, not in relation to others, or in physical space, but in reference to following and achieving your dreams. All to often dreams and their pursuit is repressed, as security and predictability are clung to.
The Alchemist is an elegant tale of a boy who forgoes the safety and security of remaining in the village in which he was born and raised. With the blessing of his parents, he decides to purchase a flock of sheep and see the country. Life as a shepherd is rewarding, for a time. It's predictable, and fulfilling, yet a recurring dream leads the boy to believe there is more to life, than… Mehr dazu
The Art of Speculation von Philip L. Carret
The Art of Speculation von Philip L. Carret
Originally written in the 1930's "The Art of Speculation" examines and explains strategies, tactics, and vehicles for speculating in the financial markets.
The author begins by defining speculation as opposed to investing or gambling. Markets and their inner workings are defined, as well as the stocks, bonds, and other speculative investment opportunities. Several methods for timing the market, utilized at the time of writing are explained and for the most part dismissed, which undoubtedly have parallels in the modern financial world of today.
Forecasting of the financial markets is discussed as well as the methods for increasing leverage, primarily, trading on… Mehr dazu
The Nature of Risk: Stock Market Survival & the Me&hellip von Justin Mamis
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Mr. Mamis steps beyond facts and figures used to analyze the stock market. He examines the psychology and consequences of waiting, learning, and gathering information about potential investment and life choices.
An informed decision would seem to be a sound one. It may very well be, yet in the context of the market, as information risk diminishes (more knowledge is gained about a particular investment), the price risk will increase (assuming positive news results in a rising stock price). Once an investment is deemed to be solid and secure, the existing information will already be reflected in the price of the equity and the potential for appreciation becomes much more… Mehr dazu