Friederike Knabe

"Books are funny little portable pieces of thought. — Susan Sontag"
Berlin vor etlichen Jahren
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I enjoy sharing my thoughts about the books I read.

World Literature; African Issues, whether fiction or nonfiction; Music (some more than others) Global concerns: environment, climate change, international affairs;


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Guilt About the Past von Bernhard Schlink
Guilt About the Past von Bernhard Schlink
... states Bernhard Schlink, internationally known primarily for his novel Der Vorleser (Diogenes Taschenbuch, 22953)in the second of his six thought-provoking essays on "Guilt about the past". A highly respected jurist and law professor (emeritus) in Germany, he presents a number of philosophical arguments intended to advance the important debate on guilt about the past and its profound influence on all who follow, whether individuals, institutions or states and, whether directly associated with the perpetrators or the victims. Conscious of the criticism he received for his novel, his last essay, "Stories about the Past", touches on… Mehr dazu
Every Lost Country von Steven Heighton
Every Lost Country von Steven Heighton
5.0 von 5 Sternen Border Crossings, 27. Mai 2010
The 2006 Nangpa La shooting incident in one of the most spectacular mountain regions of the world - the High Himalayas between Nepal and the Tibetan Autonomous Region of China - was the impetus for Steven Heighton's richly imagined multifaceted novel about personal dreams and failures, courage, endurance and love. Starting out from the factual episode in which a summit climbing team at the Nepali border observed and filmed a group of Tibetan pilgrims attempting to reach the nearest mountain pass into Nepal, pursued and shot at by Chinese soldiers, the author constructs an action-packed narrative, that is embedded in his first-hand knowledge of the region and the Tibetan culture, and… Mehr dazu
Onitsha von J. M. G. Le Clézio
Onitsha von J. M. G. Le Clézio
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Memoirs or fictional accounts of childhood experiences in Africa have become popular in recent years, in particular by Africans having escaped the horrors of war. They express a need to reconnect with their roots and their lasting influence on their lives. JMG Le Clézio's fictional treatment of his own formative time in Nigeria as a child has resulted in this powerful and alluring novel. Written in 1991 with the hindsight of historical events, most of the narrative is set against the harsh realities of colonial Nigeria in 1948/49 when revolts against the British had been increasing and, at least for one protagonist, the "end of the empire" was already in the cards. The story… Mehr dazu