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Ei  4: Simon & Marshall' (Eerie Indiana) von John Peel
This second "Eerie" novel by John Peel (the famous UK DJ??? OK, probably not) is a vast improvement on "Burea of Lost" (Eerie #2). The story is witty, fast paced, entertaining and, for once, not modelled after an episode from the TV show.
One complaint: For a series that I've noted before as being incredibly faithful to its source material, I was disappointed to see that Peel got one detail wrong here. Dash is identified at one point as "Dash Check" whe in the series his name was "Dash X" (he got his name from the markings on his hand which read X and -). I know, I big deal but this seemed like a pretty sloppy error to me.
Eerie Indiana #2: Bureau of Lost von John Peel
2.0 von 5 Sternen Disappointing, 5. Juli 1999
After a great start ("Return To Foreverware") the second installment in this series is a bit of a letdown. Like in the previous book, "Bureau of Lost" revisits an episode of the series - Marshall and Simon meet up with Al and Lodgepool who run the Bureau of Lost (where all "missing" items - from briefcases to pencaps - are stored) - and expands it by introducing a Bureau of Missing, a seperate project where famous people (among them are Butch Cassidy, The Sundance Kid, DB Cooper and the Flying Dutchman) who have mysteriously vanished are cyrogenically frozen and stored in vaults. When these notorious felons escape, Marshall and Simon are reluctantly… Mehr dazu
A Prayer for Owen Meany von John Irving
A Prayer for Owen Meany von John Irving
Sometime in early 1993, when I was 14 years old, a friend of my parents had gave me a hardback copy of "A Prayer For Owen Meany" telling me, simply, "I think you'll like this." I shrugged, thanked her and it sat on the coffee table for a few months. That June, when we took a long road trip to Ottawa one weekend, I brought the book along with me simply to have something to distract me while spending about 10 hours in a van that weekend. It didn't take long until I was fully engrossed in the book. I spent much of the 5 hours en route to Ottawa reading, another couple hours that night in the hotel room and there were very few moments during our entire stay in… Mehr dazu