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The Storm of Steel: From the Diary of a German Sto&hellip von Ernst Junger
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5.0 von 5 Sternen A different perspective., 13. April 2000
This book really comes from a different perspective than mostwar novels. It is written by a man who actually felt his experiencesmade him stronger, rather than destroyed him. Alot of people today go on about how pointless war, citing WW1 as the best example, is. I always find this slightly patronising towards those who actually fought, and it makes me cringe. I have got the impression that many of the few surviving veterans do not share this perspective. Although their experiences were terrible, if they had thought it was pointless, they would have dropped their guns and deserted en masse. They actually stayed because, for all they endured, they felt a sense of duty and nationhood, and a… Mehr dazu
Her Privates We von Frederic Manning
Her Privates We von Frederic Manning
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This novel focuses, not so much on moral arguments, as on what the experience of trench warfare did to ordinary men. Much of it also refers to the gap between officers and men in the British army. The men knew they had been drafted into or volunteered for something very different from what they were led to believe, and did not have the luxury of arguing why. At times the prose is beautiful, but the most brilliant thing about the book, way ahead of it's time, is the capturing of the bad language and coarse behaviour of the men. These men, contrary to stereotypes, came from hugely diverse backgrounds and fought, swore, quarelled and indulged themselves just like anybody else would if… Mehr dazu